Annco Miura


作品は、⽇本、フランス、イタリア、ドイツ、アメリカなどの様々な国での主要なコレクションの⼀部になっている。2018年11⽉、マドリッドのBVLGARIスペイン本店での個展は雑誌Madame Figaroに掲載され話題になり、レセプションパーティーには多くの署名⼈や、元⼤⾂の⽅々にもご来場頂き⼤盛況となる。2019年9⽉より、LOUIS VUITTONのインテリアデザインディレクターによって⼤阪⾼島屋店 改装に伴い店内サロンと売り場にてプライベートコレクションとして作品を発表している。


ANnCO MIURA was born in Shizuoka, Japan.
Sinceher early age - even before she knew how to holdchopsticks- she was holding brushes.
She learnedJapanese calligraphy and any arts, with her aunt who isa teacher in calligraphy.In 2010, she wants to discover European cultures and to"experience" France especially.
She made several tripsacross Europe and stayed in different major Europeancities, but it is in Paris that she felt particularly well.Her inspiration came from her personal history: fromher traditional Japanese culture education, from hertravels, from her intimate relationship to post-war urbanarchitecture in Japan, to the Infinite, and to the humanbeing in search of spirituality.For several years, ANnCO MIURA's artistic creationhas been made up of squares, circles, lines and curves,which
produce infinite possibilities and multiplecomplexities that arise from the unconscious, buildinglabyrinths similar to the paths of life, discoveries,adventures, failures, successes and successes. Herworks are similar to mandalas, and today, her labyrinthsof all colors capture the dialogue between reality andthe universe of the senses, and bring us a new readingon this reality that surrounds us, an exacerbatedperception that goes beyond the 5 senses.
This newvector of perception of the world, which we call the 51⁄2 sens.Each of her works expresses patience, reflection, inreverse of a world always faster and faster.
Herlabyrinths produce very dynamic drawings although atthe same time very sensitive and full of poetry.
Today,she shares her life and work between Paris and Tokyo,two cities steeped in history and culture, made oftradition and modernity, finding in each of these citiesthe necessary inspirations for her artistic creation.In November 2018, her personal exhibition atBVLGARI's mother store in Madrid was presented inMadame Figaro magazine.
This exhibition was a greatsuccess with the presence of many signatories andformer ministers.Starting in September 2019, the Director of InteriorDesign at LOUIS VUITTON present her new paintingsin the lounge and on the sales floor of the Takashimayastore in Osaka for its renovation.